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Goodie Bags
100 Goodie Bags for the 1st 100 registered vehicles
Including Merchandise, gift certificates, etc
Tickets will be drawn randomly.
$1 per ticket, $6 for 5 tickets, $10 for 15 tickets, $25 for arm length, $70 for truck length
There is no limit on the number of raffle tickets sold.
If a ticket is drawn and nobody claims it, the next ticket will be drawn.
You must be present to win.
Sales are final and no refunds.
***Winners will be announced during awards***
Tickets can be purchased at the Registration booth.

Lowest Limbo
Car/Truck Limbo Rules:
1) Vehicle must be registered in the show.
2) Vehicle must travel under the Limbo stick under their own power.
3) Vehicles must be 4 wheeled, DOT approved vehicles.
4) Once Limbo begins, there will be NO ALTERATIONS to vehicles allowed.
JUDGES decision is FINAL.
-Winners will receive an award-

Event schedule
Giant Pong -  All Day Friday and Saturday
Cornhole - All Day Friday and Saturday
Giant Jenga - All Day Friday and Saturday
Cruising - All Day Friday and Saturday
Judging - 12pm to 4pm Saturday
Frozen T-Shirt - Do you have what it takes to put on a frozen shirt the fastest? - 2pm Saturday
Lowest Limbo - 3 pm Saturday

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